House Check Request (Online Form)

The Medford Township Police is pleased to offer a house check service to the residents of Medford. Residents who are going out of town on vacation or for any other reason are encouraged to submit the House Check Request Form to the police department. The form outlines details which may needed by the police department to contact you while you are out of town. Most importantly, when this service is requested, an officer will periodically check the exterior of the property to assist in safeguarding your residence.

Name *
Street Address of Property to be checked *
Street Address of Property to be checked
Home Phone Number
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number *
Cell Phone Number
Date Departing *
Date Departing
Approximate Time Departing *
Approximate Time Departing
Date Returning *
Date Returning
Approximate Time Returning *
Approximate Time Returning
Are any firearms stored in the residence? *
Will anyone be at the residence during your absence? *

Printable Online House Check form

The House Check Request Form can be emailed to or faxed to (609) 953-3844, ATTN: Joanne-Records. The information can also be phoned in to the Records Office at (609) 654-7511 x165.

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