Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Division is the largest bureau of the police department. It consists  of uniformed Patrol as well as the Traffic, Canine, Community Relations, and Firearms Units. The Patrol Bureau operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is made up of four patrol squads that work twelve hour shifts. Patrol handles all calls for service as well as proactively patrols the township to deter criminal activity and ensure the overall safety of the residents.

The Canine Unit functions in patrol and consists of two officers and their canine partners. Canine officers normally work a power shift during peak hours to provide support to patrol operations. Each dog is specially trained in a specific discipline. Currently Medford has both a narcotics and explosive detection canine. Each canine team is also highly trained in tracking missing persons and locating suspects and evidence involved in criminal activity.

The Traffic Safety Unit also functions within the Patrol Bureau and is made up of Traffic Safety Officers who are specially trained to investigate serious motor vehicle accidents. This unit also works to educate the public by identifying and addressing  safety concerns through research of captured traffic data to develop traffic calming solutions which protect the motoring public and pedestrians.

The Firearms Unit is comprised of members from different bureaus within the police division. This units mission is to identify, develop and implement superior training programs for all sworn members of the police department to enhance their law enforcement abilities which enables them to safely mitigate operational objectives during critical incidents to ensure the overall success of the police department and the safety of the public.

Lt. William Dunleavy #51

SFC. Michael Seybold #50

SFC. James D'Averso #53

Sgt. Shawn McVeigh #61

Sgt. Jeffrey Pultrone #52

Cpl. John Higgins #64

Cpl. Jeffery Samalonis #69

Cpl. George Jackson #59

Cpl.  Joseph Canuso #71

PO Troy Chenier #55

PO Andrew Haggerty #57

PO Mark Hunsinger #60

PO James Albertson #62

PO Daniel Lund #65

PO Edwin McKemey #72

PO Kurt Denning #94

PO Gregory Blash #95

PO Christopher Walsh #78

PO Amanda Rossi #99

PO Joshua Meeks #100

PO John DiBiase #101

PO Christopher Sentell #102

PO Kendall Kiernan #103

PO Timothy Shockley #104

PO Frederick Scheer #105