Frequently Asked Questions

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Dialing 9-1-1

I dialed "9-1-1" by mistake, what should I do?

DO NOT HANG UP! Many hours are spent responding to “abandoned 9-1-1” calls that could be alleviated if the caller only remained on the phone. Sometimes it is accidental by a child, or by pressing a speed dial number. Other times it may be caused by an error in dialing. In any event, please remain on the phone and inform the call-taker or dispatcher that your call was in error.

When should I dial “9-1-1”?

Although 9-1-1 is intended only for Emergencies, determining what is an emergency is up really up to the caller. When in doubt, dial 9-1-1 which provides the call taker with your name, address and phone number if you call from a residence or business, thereby saving us time. Should you be unable to talk for any reason, we at least have a location to respond to. Cellular phones only provide us with your phone number and a rough geographic location, usually within 3-4 miles of your call. Should the Communications Officer determine that your call is not a true emergency, they will transfer you to a different line to free up 9-1-1 for the next caller. For non-emergent incidents where you need to speak with an officer or have an officer respond to your location, please call Burlington County Central Communications at 609-267-8300. To contact the Medford Township Police Department directly, you may still call 609-654-7511 and follow the prompts.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

What do I do if I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and I did not report it to the police?

The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to or death of any person or damage to property of any one person in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) shall within ten days after such accident submit a written report of such accident to Motor Vehicle Services. If you are involved in a collision that a police officer responds to the location and takes a Police Crash Investigation Report your requirements are satisfied with Motor Vehicle Services. If your vehicle is struck by a vehicle that leaves the scene without the driver providing any information, this accident would be reported as a Hit and Run collision and should be reported to the police department responsible for that area immediately.

If police do not respond to the accident scene, you as the driver are required to file Motor Vehicle Accident Report (NJ SR-1) within ten days of the collision. Make sure you get all of the other driver’s information, including their vehicle information, insurance company name and policy number. The SR-1 form is available at any police station or available below. You must complete the form and mail it to the address on the form. Make sure you retain a copy of the form for your records and your insurance company.

The best policy is if you’re involved in any type of motor vehicle collision contact the local police department and file a report with a police officer immediately.



How do I inform you of a concern about one of your officers?

All Medford Township Police officers are held to strict standards and are accountable for their actions. There may be times where you feel you were mistreated or were not provided the appropriate level of respect by the officer. The Chief of Police takes all complaints seriously and investigates the complaints as required by the New Jersey Attorney Generals guidelines. Initial complaints may be reported in person to the on-duty Shift Supervisor at the Police Administration Building located at 91 Union Street, Medford NJ 08055. The Shift Supervisor is responsible to complete the appropriate paperwork and forward the complaint to the Office of Professional Responsibility. From there, the complaint is investigated accordingly and you will be notified of its outcome. You may also file a complaint by phone or by clicking the “contact us” tab and submitting your concern online.

How do I compliment an officer?

As an agency, the Medford Township Police Department strives to provide “Quality Policing” to its residents and visitors. We hold our officers to strict standards and take pride in hearing about the level of service they provided to you. If you feel an officer should be recognized for “going the extra mile”, then please click on the "contact us" tab and select compliment. Simply add your positive experience or encounter and submit. You may also mail a letter to Chief Richard Meder at 91 Union Street, Medford NJ 08055. All compliments are shared with the officer(s) involved and as well as their peers.


What are the hours for obtaining and submitting Firearms Applications?

Firearms application packets may be obtained at the Police Administration Building at all times that the lobby is open. Current lobby hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. The lobby is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and all major holidays. You may pick-up the application packets from the Police Services Officer at the Police Information window. You may also find the necessary links from our firearms section as well as on the NJSP website. Submission of completed firearms applications will only be accepted between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

How long does the application process take?

There are many steps involved in processing a firearms application. The current processing time is approximately three to four months due to the volume of applications submitted in recent months. Several factors can delay the processing, such as the failure of references to return questionnaires in a timely manner, applicants obtaining a fingerprinting appointment, bad fingerprint returns, and the lack of a disposition on a criminal history response are just a few. Applicants should get permission from their references to use them as a reference on the application. Occasionally applicants will not return the questionnaire because they are not comfortable being a reference.

How do I register my firearms?

Although firearms registrations are voluntary, it is highly recommended that all firearms owned by you be registered. This helps protect you in cast of theft and provides adequate information to the Police Department in a timely manner. Registration forms are available through our Firearms Clerk.

How much does a permit to purchase a handgun cost?

Handgun permits cost $2.00 per permit. As of January 1, 2010, a change in the law will limit you to purchasing only one (1) handgun every 30 calendar days. Permits to purchase a handgun are valid for 90 days from the date of issue and may be extended for an additional 90 days if the permit is not used by the expiration date provided. If you need to be fingerprinted, an additional fee of $57.50 will be payable to the State's authorized vendor, Morpho Trak. You will be provided a form for Morpho Trak which explains the fingerprint process. The Police Services Officer will provide you with all pertinent information based on your specific application.

How much does it cost for a Firearms ID Card?

The fee for an initial Firearms Identification Card is $5.00; there is no fee for a duplicate card. The fee may be paid by cash or personal check issued to Medford Township. An additional fee of $57.50 will be payable to the State's authorized vendor, Morpho Trak, for fingerprints. You will be provided a form for Morpho Trak which explains the fingerprint process. The Police Services Officer will provide you with all pertinent information based on your specific application.

I just moved to Medford. How do I change the address on my ID Card?

Complete two original Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit (form STS 033) and mark the box "Change of Address on Identification Card". This form may be obtained from the Police Services Officer or from the New Jersey State Police Firearms Information website. Depending on the original issuance date on your card and where you obtained the card being replaced, you may or may not need to be re-fingerprinted. Please contact our Police Services Officer for additional assistance.

Can I get any Firearms forms online?

Many of the forms required during the application process can be obtained from the New Jersey State Police website. If you utilize the downloadable form, you MUST provide us with (2) TWO signed ORIGINALS for each form. Do not sign any forms until your signature can be witnessed by Medford Township Police personnel. Other forms are only available through the Medford Township Police Department. It is recommended that you contact our Police Service Officer for assistance.

How do I get a Firearms Identification Card and/or a permit to purchase a weapon?

Firearms ID Cards and permits to purchase a handgun are only available through the Township that you reside in. By law, the Chief of Police is the only person who can issue you an ID card and a permit to purchase. The Medford Township Police Department’s Services Bureau is responsible for investigating all requests for firearms ID Cards and issuing signed permits. Initial applications can be obtained through the Police Services Officer at the Police Information window during lobby hours or from the RESOURCES tab on our website. Firearms forms and information is also available on the New Jersey State Police website. Questions concerning applications can be addressed with the Police Services Officer between the hours noted above by calling 609-654-7511, extension 102. The officer/clerk will provide you with information on how to complete the remainder of the process.

Medford Police

What are the hours of the Police Administration Building?

The Walk-In hours for the Police Administration Building are:

  • Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Closed Saturday and Sundays
  • During off-hours, Call Boxes are located within the front foyer of the Police Administration Building to summon an officer to assist you.

Where is the Medford Township Police Department located?

The Medford Township Police Department is located at the Public Safety Center, 91 Union Street, Medford NJ 08055, at the intersection of Union Street and Jones Road. We are directly across the street from the Medford Medical Center as well as Freedom Park. For directions, please click the "contact us" page.


Can I get a copy of a report even if I am not directly involved?

The Medford Township Police Department strictly adheres to Open Public Records Act, commonly referred to as “OPRA”. O.P.R.A. clearly defines who may obtain copies of reports and what information may and may not be released. For additional information, please download the O.P.R.A form located on the RECORDS tab and review the requirements. Completed forms maybe returned via mail or in person to the Medford Township Clerks Office located at 17 N. Main Street.

How do I get a copy of a report?

All reports generated by the Medford Township Police Department have to first go through a series of reviews to ensure accuracy and the quality of the reports. Most reports are available through our records bureau after 7 business days from the date of the event. However, there are certain reports that, by their nature, are very involved and may take additional time. To obtain a report, it is first advisable to call ahead to see if in fact the report is ready for you. Please be prepared to provide the Records Clerk with the incident number that was provided to you by the officer or at the very least, the date/time/location of the incident. Should the report be available, the records clerk can make the necessary copies for you and inform you of how to pick up your copy. Please call the Medford Township Police Records Bureau at (609) 654-5833 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You may also obtain a copy of your motor vehicle accident report online by selecting the crashdocs link located in the RECORDS tab.

Where is the Medford Township Police Department Records Bureau?

The Records Bureau is on the first floor of the Police Administration Building located at 91 Union Street, Medford NJ 08055. Enter the Police Administration Building at the Main Entrance and proceed to the far left window.